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The renewable energy revolution: YVS Energy in a move that will yield 15.5 million euros per year


The Israeli company signed though a subsidiary a financing agreements in the amount of 65 million euros. As part of the new project in south-eastern Poland, 16 wind turbines with a total capacity of 48 MW will be established. The total cost is 116 million euros, and this step is expected to generate electricity for a period of 3 decades.

YVS Energy will receive 65 million euros in funding for a wind energy project in Poland

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The renewable energy company signed an agreement to sell its electricity from the project for a period of 5 years with the energy giant Shell , for an amount of 43 million euros

YVS Energy won a NIS 400 million tender for producing electricity for Poland

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YVS Energy will produce the electricity, which is guarantee by  the Polish Electricity Authority, from the Nozdrzec wind energy project it is establishing in south-eastern Poland

‘Time to think’ with Israel Gofman and Ofir Ruziak, CEO of YVS Energy

Time to Think Podcast - Spotify

Ofir Ruziak, CEO and founder of YVS Renewable Energy, which has been operating in the field of renewable energies since 2008, details and explains where we are today with a forward-looking view.

In Palmachim and Kfar Glikson: an agreement to finance solar projects in the amount of about NIS 118 million


YVS Energy signed two financing agreements with Israel Discount Bank and Bank Hapoalim, intended for the establishment of solar ventures in Israel with a total capacity of about 35 MW • A senior in the company: “Renewable energy is becoming mandatory in Israel”

The electricity transmission network development plan has been approved, but the war may delay it


The Minister of Energy and Infrastructure Israel Katz approved the development plan for the electricity transmission network for the years 2023-2030, amounting to more than NIS 17 billion

The program is expected to improve the reliability of the electricity supply, yet its effect on the price of electricity for the domestic consumer will be negligible

Poalim Equity acquires 20% of the energy company YVS Energy for NIS 100 million

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Poalim Equity’s investment will strengthen the capital of YVS Energy controlled by the Ruziak family – and will assist it in the development and establishment of projects in Israel, Greece, and Poland • YVS Energy recently won several tenders in Israel, including the Electricity Authority tender for the establishment of solar power generation facilities

YVS Energy will establish a wind energy project in Poland with an investment of 87 million euros

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YVS Energy is expanding its activity in Poland’s wind energy market. YVS Energy, controlled by Ofir Ruziak, acquired the rights to a wind energy project in Poland…

The winners of the first dual-use solar tender have been announced

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The Electricity Authority board approved the winners of the first tender for establishing dual-use solar power generation facilities – that is, facilities that can be built for all types of use: roofs, reservoirs, fences, exchangers, greenhouses, parking lots, and more.

YVS Energy will establish three new wind and solar projects in the amount of half a billion euros

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The company, which also owns Ralco Energy, will establish the new projects in Israel, Poland, and Greece as part of the efforts of European countries to meet the goals of reducing pollutants from renewable energies of the European Union